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Apple Blossoms Trading is a Malaysia based company specializing in a variety of unique craft, art, jewelry, fashion, beauty, home decor and lifestyle products. Our company accepts wholesale orders as well as small quantity orders. We can arrange for shipment of our products to local as well as international destinations.

Apple Blossoms Trading began operations in 1992, starting off as a company producing Malaysian handicrafts and handmade art. The first product launched was Malaysian Pressed Flower Art which was certified as one of the products for Visit Malaysia Year 1990 & 1992 and was also displayed as a natural heritage at Muzium Negara. Over a span of 20 years, the company has also expanded its business into other products such as fashion apparel and accessories.

Apple Blossoms Trading customer database primarily focused mainly on the localized retail market as well as small oversea orders from countries such as Thailand (Bangkok), Hong Kong, Japan, England and Australia. Currently, the company is still in its initial stage to venture into a wider international market through online marketing and expanding to offer a wider range and variety of products to cater for a diverse customer base.

Creative, Artistic & Precious

Company Logo

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Established on 12 March 1992, the company was initially set up to take off from its parent firm that markets art prints and picture frames imported from Europe (Denmark, Germany, England & Italy) and USA. In the beginning, Apple Blossoms Trading sole purpose was to concentrate on handicrafts and handmade art of Malaysian origin.

1992-1996: The first product launched was Malaysian Pressed Flower Art. The product was very well accepted in the local and foreign market. It was certified as one of the products for Visit Malaysia 1990 & 1992 promotion and is also displayed at Muzium Negara. It was also advertised in a Japanese trade magazine and has been sold to Thailand (Bangkok), Hong Kong, Japan, England and Australia. (Item: Pressed Flower pictures, mini souvenir pictures and cards)

1996-1998: Handcrafted Boxes (made of paper and board) the product range includes table top display items, jewellery boxes, drawers and specially designed packaging for exclusive items. Aromatic Scented Terra Cotta Pots was also added to our range of products marketed as an ideal gift and decorative display.

1998-2004: A bold step taken to market apparel our own design and purchased labels. This developed into our own label of Louisa May which is a range of hand sewn exclusive design of medium price range. Also included are collections for the younger market of reasonable price range for school going young girls and young working ladies.

At almost the same time, we added in fashion jewellery and accessories to widen the product range. Treasure Chest is a collection of exclusively designed trendy jewellery using materials sourced from all over the world.

In the year 2000, we added a collection of exclusively designed bags under our brand Mistletoe.

Early 2004, Hair Buddies hair accessories were added to our collection.

In our range of fashion apparels and accessories, we aim to provide exclusivity and we have only a limited edition for every item there is no mass production. We do maintain a moderate price range so that it is within means of all our customers.

2004-2011: The company continued to progress stably on the localized retail customer base focusing on fashion apparels and accessories as well as crafts. An exclusive collection of gift items that range from low to medium prices was introduced in 1994 which emphasize on good packaging with the right message. Included in the collection are hand designed gift cards, greeting cards and packaging.

2012-Future: Apple Blossoms Trading plans to widen the market reach and customer base through online marketing. The company's website was first launched prior in 2005 during the threshold of the Internet era and is now moving forward to re-launch a better system to remain compatible with the advancing technological requirements.

The company also plans to expand its product range to cater for a larger customer profile. Many new products will be introduced in the future including a range of home decor and lifestyle products.


3 May 1993: Exhibition in Japan (Pressed Flower Art)

1995: Catalog of Prospective Export Goods to Japan '95 - Kanagawa Trade Promotion Corporation (Page 17 - Paper Art Flower Card)

1996: Catalog of Prospective Export Goods to Japan '96 - Kanagawa Trade Promotion Corporation (Page 11 - Handcrafted Box)

1997: Department Store in Japan (Pressed Flower Art)

1992: National Museum - Malaysian Pressed Natural Flowers (Muzium Negara - Awetan Bunga-Bunga Asli Malaysia)

Pressed Flower Art

Brazilian Bracelet & Sarawak Necklace

Handcrafted Box

Aromatic Scented Terra Cotta Pot

Apple Blossoms Trading

Apple Blossoms Trading
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